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These are pups that are currently in our care, that are in Urgent need of Donations.

Please take a second to read their stories.....

We have had the fortunate opportunity to recently help out many sweet pets with high medical needs. We say fortunate because without our rescue and the generosity of people like you, these pets would not have the ability to go on and lead happy, healthy lives. Here are just a few of our high medical cases...

Clementine...she has a story...

Clementine is her new name. A name given to start her new life.

Her past....not such a bright one. She lived as a backyard ornament her whole life. Most likely not ever knowing what the inside of her home looked like. 💔

Living in worse conditions than the dead plants all around her. Being fed and given water whenever it was convenient for her humans. Barely knowing love if any at all.

Her so-called humans took her to one of our partnered vet offices where the techs were astonished at the condition she was in. The owners were given a quick estimate of $800 to help with what they believed were the crusty eyes, fleas, amongst several medications and IV. Owners declined and asked for something cheaper. The techs felt so bad, they lowered it to $400 and owners still declined and chose the $250 invoice for putting her to sleep. $250....just $150 shy of full treatment to save her life. Instead they chose death to make their problem go away.

We can't help but think her owners wanted her gone just so they could have friends over for Memorial Day BBQ and not be judged by how they treat another living being.

Clementine still had life to live and deserved a chance at love - So the tech took the owner's $250, had them sign a surrender form and contacted Mutt Hut Rescue.🙏

Upon further examination, it was clear that Clementine needed more than just ointments for crusty eyes. Both of her eyes were actually FULL of foxtails which caused severe infection - which lead to her becoming blind. 😔

While shaving down her tired flea-infested body, hundreds of more foxtails were found - from being at the surface of her skin, to them being found way inside between her muscles.

Foxtails...painful foxtails- causing infection and excruciating pain throughout her tiny body. Legs, paws, toes, tail, mouth, gums, ears, eyes....all covered in these.

Hundreds upon hundreds of these foxtails were found. Still finding more through every vet visit.

We have had her for about a week now. Several procedures/medications/ointments and the power of love and care from everyone around her - she has now regained some of her vision back and has for the first time, wagged her tail in joy. 💓

Her awesome foster Rebecca and the staff at Nohl Ranch have been more than amazing and the key components to making little Clementine keep pushing to better herself.

She is still far from being 100% but she is certainly on the right path and has an amazing support system right behind her every step of the way.

Her vet bills are now shy of $1,500 and counting. (We can provide her invoices/estimates upon request).

Please send all the good vibes her way and if you would like to contribute to her care, please feel free to click on one of the options below. Both Clementine and the MHR team really appreciate every bit of support

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Mutt Hut Rescue, Inc. is a 501c(3) Rescue. We can't do it alone... we need your help!

Adoption Donations are used to help cover the cost of fully vetting each pet that comes into our rescue. We are not in the business of making money, but rather to save the life of a pet in need. Please also keep in mind that most of the pets in our rescue were RESCUED from a bad situation and have needed extra medical care, medications, testing, surgeries, hospitalization, and more.

There does come a time when we are low on funds and we cannot take in pets, into our Rescue. We never want to have to turn a pet away, because of lack of funds, therefore, Donations and your support are always urgently needed and greatly appreciated, all year round.  


You can also help us by donating your unused pet stuff; beds, toys, bowls, collars, leashes, old towels, blankets, food, dog sweaters, kennels, play pens, baby gates and treats.

We also accept orders and deliveries from Petsmart, Petco, Walmart, Target, Amazon and any other store that delivers. If you'd like to donate Costco supplies, we will pick up or direct you to our nearest donation location. Email us at [email protected] to donate items.

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