Mutt Hut Rescue

Our hearts are humbled and full of both sadness and bliss!

It took a team of rescuers SIX HOURS to catch this poor baby who was left abandoned in an empty field for weeks. He endured more pain, cold, rain and hunger than any living being should ever have to go through.

From being attacked multiple times by other dogs, to being abandoned , to being drenched in water... sadly surrendering to the life he had gotten to know as "normal"

We have decided to name this poor boy Lincoln and as you can see, he is in very bad shape. He will need lots and lots of medical care and the love he has not received but definitely deserves. As he found himself feeling safe at the fosters home his first night out of the field, he sighed and sighed until he finally slept.... like a rock! It fills our hearts with joy to see how much relief you can see in his eyes. Eyes filled with pain. Eyes that have seen the worst and been through hell.

A million thanks to the group of brave omen who tool action on a very wet Sunday to help save Lincoln and offer him a warm place to lay is head for the night.

Mutt Hut Rescue is partnering with The Saving Huey Foundation to get this boy back to health and to help him eventually find the home filled with the love he truly deserves 


Our boy is feeling soooo much better. After only a little over a week at our vet Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital he has gain 5 pounds and is starting to trust people again! He is already rewarding his foster, who visits him daily at the vet, with wet doggy kisses.