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My Journey 

Hi, I’m Jessica! An Or​ange County balanced dog trainer. I want to help you live a calm and happy lifes​tyle with your dog! I implement a variety of tools to help communicate with your dog, even utilizing the tool of sign lang​uage, like I did for my deaf dog, Jax. Training dogs has been a huge passion of mine and I can thank my dog for that.

Why hire me?

I was just like you! 

I adopted a dog through Mutt Hut Rescue and had great intentions of what owning a dog would look like. I struggled with his reactive issues for so long until I sought the help of a trainer. 

Through our trainer I built the confidence to advocate for my dog. Since then I have continued to further my knowledge in training him. Seeing success has only fueled my passion and learning has been such a positive experience for me. With Jax being a huge driving force in my constant growth and passion for training, I would not be here today without him!

It is one of my greatest joys to see my clients realize the potential of their owner-pet relationship through clear communication and educated understanding.

My strengths are to educate owners on relationship building, basic obedience, and behavior modification for more mild cases.

There is nothing better to me than a dog feeling understood and well advocated for. I hope to help you on your journey of adopting from start to finish! Once your trainer, you’ve got me for life ♥️ 


*MHR supports its colleagues and adopters, but we are not responsible for services, scheduling, pricing or otherwise. Honey Dog Training & Jessica are NOT a part of/employee of MHR, therefore does not take responsibility for this entity. 

  Please feel free to contact me on Instagram or via email.

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I'm Lemon. A handsome leopard gecko who has come a long way from how my previous owners left me. I had severe infections and parasites but MHR saved my life and after a couple years of medical care, love and attention, I have finally found my forever home. 

If you are interested in fostering or adopting a reptile, MHR is the one for you!

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